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Aviation Marketing and Services Pvt Ltd, Head Quartered in New Delhi, India. The most respected Private Aircraft Handling Company in the country due to its decades of experience and expertise in the Aviation Industry. Our exceptionally dedicated team has a track record of consistent excellence and is committed to provide aviation services that are professional, innovative and customer driven in order to ensure maximum comfort for our clients. Aviation Marketing and Services is a single window agency from where you can source a wide range of general aviation services in India. These aviation services include Overflight and Landing Permits, Ground Handling, Security Services, Aircraft Charters, Transportation and many more. We provide these services for Business, Tourism, Cargo, Ambulance and Relief Flights.



1.Overflight and Landing Permits in India (All Airports)
2.Military Airport Clearances
3.Other Mandatory Government Clearances

Ground Handling

1.Smooth and Speedy Transit, VIP Customs & Immigration Facilitation
2.Efficient Baggage Handling, Special Handling & Security Clearance
3.Top of the line Secured Ground Transportation
4.Quick and Efficient Aircraft Refueling
5.Gourmet and Customized Catering

VIP Facilitation

1.All Ground Authorities intimated beforehand for speedy clearances through Customs and Immigration for Passengers, Crew and Baggage by trained Coordinators for all facilitations.

Weather Services

1.Access to Accurate Weather Forecasts through extensive aviation tools.
2.Monitoring and Update Systems for Efficient Flight Planning.

Flight Dispatching

1.Government Approved Flight Dispatchers to avoid time-consuming channels for filing flight plans

Aircraft Refueling

1.Quick Aircraft Refueling for Technical Halts through Government approved Jet Fuel Providers

Aircraft Charters

1.Indian Registered Jets, Turboprops, Air-Ambulances and Helicopters available at all Airports across India

Ground Transportation Services

1.Sedans and SUVs available for Airport-Hotel Transfers and City Tours throughout India

  • General Information


    Slot Approval required for all Airports in India. Pilots are advised to carry Tow-Bar onboard the Aircraft as Push-Back is mandatory at most Airports in India All Crew members must obtain Business E-Visa (available online) before entering India


    Airport closure for general aviation: 0230 UTC - 0430 UTC & 1200 UTC - 1400 UTC everyday General Aviation Aircrafts not permitted to land between 1545 UTC to 1745 Daily Due to paucity of parking bays at VABB, Aircraft are only allowed to be parked for a maximum period of 72 hours after which penalty charges are levied

  • General Information

    GOA (VOGO)-

    Parking not available owing to paucity of space. After disembarking the passengers, the aircraft may be asked to reposition to another airport Airport closure for general aviation: 0300 UTC - 0730 UTC from Monday – Friday & 1400 UTC - 1600 UTC additionally on Tuesday & Thursday Owing to Naval Exercises, flights not permitted to operate between 0930 UTC - 1030 UTC & 1130 UTC - 1230 UTC Daily

    PUNE (VAPO)-

    Owing to paucity of parking space, aircraft may need to reposition to another location Airport closure for general aviation: 0300 UTC - 0700 UTC & 1000 UTC - 1100 UTC Daily

  • General Information


    The airfield is available between 0030 UTC - 0800 UTC & 0900 UTC - 1600 UTC Daily Airport can only be used for domestic arrivals and departures


    Airfield not available due to runway maintenance between 0430 UTC - 0930 UTC on every Sunday.


    Airfield not available due to runway maintenance between 0700 UTC - 0930 UTC on every Tuesday.

  • General Information


    Airfield not available due to runway maintenance between 0900 UTC - 1100 UTC on every Tuesday & Saturday

    AGRA (VIAG)-

    Operating hours: Dawn to Dusk
    ILS available for all civil flights operating
    Arrangement of Customs and Immigration can be made on prior notice


    Airfield not available due to runway maintenance between 0845 UTC - 0950 UTC Daily

  • General Information


    Customs / Immigrations not available. Airport can be used only for domestic arrivals, departures.


    Airfield not available due to runway maintenance between 0800 UTC - 1200 UTC on every Tuesday


    Three working days for flights for traffic purposes. Seven working days for flights originating from PRC countries (AFGHANISTAN, IRAN, IRAQ, CHINA, PAKISTAN, SUDAN, NIGERIA, SUMALIA AND NORTH KOREA) One working day for flights for non-traffic purposes i.e. over flight (s)/technical halts. Three working days for flights for non-traffic purposes i.e. overflight(s)/technical halts originating from PRC countries. The minimum notice period requirements, however, may not be insisted upon in the following cases : A. Ambulance flights B. Relief flights

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